7 Personal Secret Tips for Taking Better Outdoor Photographs

Are you bored of always reading the same pieces of advice?

Alix A.


Here are my 7 personal tips, sometimes counterintuitive, which will make you think differently about your outdoor photography game, and help get it better along the way.

Taking a photograph is easy. Taking a good one is a different kettle of fish. That’s especially true in landscape and outdoor photography. You may be standing right before an amazing view, then comes the will to take your camera and aim it right to the skyline, willing to crystallize the emotion you’re feeling right now. Without a few tips, you might be disappointed with the end result.

Here are my 7 personal tips, built through shooting thousands of not so good outdoor photographs. I hope it can help you and bring you a different perspective.

  1. Forget about the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most frequent photography advices you will find across books and the Internet. It involves mentally dividing your image in 9 equal parts, following two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, and placing the main elements at the intersection points. Forget about it. Trust your creativity and your eye. Try to fill the frame with textures or geometric elements, or use negative space at your advantage.

2. Use negative space at your advantage

Negative space is empty space, used to attract the viewer’s eye to the subject. It often creates minimalistic images, offering a different and creative point of view to your landscape photographs.

3. Have a subject

You can’t just shoot a landscape because it looks good. You need to construct your frame through composition. There is one key to this: find a subject, and highlight it. One, and only one, element should stand out. This is the key to creating the rhythm and balance of your photograph. It can be anything, from a tree or a person, to a road sign or an elephant butt.

Subject found! | ©Auriane ALIX | www.aurianealix.com

4. Compose with lines

Speaking about composition, here is another key point. Composition is what creates structure and readability. In composition lives the power to attract and keep the viewer’s…



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